A poem for all occasions and for dinosaur-fanatics of all ages.


This card was originally intended for children – until we discovered that our twenty-something and middle-aged friends wanted it too…


Of the many dinosaur poems we read, this one, by contemporary Cheshire poet Celia Gentles, seemed to get the mixture of awe, entertainment and fear just right.


The illustrations, including lush, slightly swampy forest setting and a trail of dinosaur footprints, are by Amy Blackwell, who is based in our home town, Nottingham. She describes herself as “…a painter, printmaker, knitter, maker, writer, reader and I’m very fond of pancakes…I'm inspired by the weird and wonderful, clashing colours, the natural world, history, fashion and folklore. I paint, print and draw and have done (to varying levels of success) since day one.”


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  • The words inside...

    Terrible Lizards - One to Ten


    One big iguanodon gnashing sharp back teeth.

    Two diplodocuses nibbling on a leaf.

    Three fierce triceratops thundering like trains.

    Four stegosauruses searching for their brains.

    Five spinosauruses flapping thorny sails.

    Six apatosauruses lashing whippy tails.

    Seven seismosauruses stomping monstrous feet.

    Eight oviraptors stealing eggs to eat.

    Nine fine dimorphodons flying in a line.

    Ten Tyrannosaurus rexes eating one to nine.


    by Celia Gentles

  • Some small details about this card

    Small letter stamp in UK. 

    Hand-embossed envelope. 

    Card, envelope and sleeve can be recycled. 

    Card sourced from paper mill in the Lake District, UK.