'Give Yourself a Hug' by Grace Nichols

'Give Yourself a Hug' by Grace Nichols


The best possible card for cheering up - and cheering along – friends and family.


This card is a hug itself!  It is for sending to friends and family going through a tough time in their lives, and needing to remember that they are loved and unique.  It has never yet failed to cheer up and cheer on.  If ever a card could put its arms around you, this is it.


The poet, Grace Nichols, was born in 1950 in Guyana.  She came to the UK, where she still lives, in 1977.  Much of her poetry is characterised by Caribbean rhythms and culture, and influenced by Guyanese and Amerindian folklore.


Amy Blackwell, who created the illustrations around the poem, is based in our home town, Nottingham.  She describes herself as “…a painter, printmaker, knitter, maker, writer, reader and I’m very fond of pancakes…I'm inspired by the weird and wonderful, clashing colours, the natural world, history, fashion and folklore. I paint, print and draw and have done (to varying levels of success) since day one.”


Free postage in the UK.

  • The words inside...

    Give Yourself a Hug


    Give yourself a hug,

    When you feel unloved.

    Give yourself a hug,

    When people put on airs to make you feel a bug.

    Give yourself a hug,

    When everyone seems to give you a cold shoulder shrug.

    Give yourself a hug,

    A big, big hug,

    And keep on singing...

    Only one in a million like me,

    Only one in a million-billion-thrillion-zillion like me.


    by Grace Nichols

  • Some small details about this card

    Small letter stamp in UK. 

    Hand-embossed envelope. 

    Card, envelope and sleeve can be recycled. 

    Card sourced from paper mill in the Lake District, UK.