Get Well

Get Well


The ultimate Get Well Soon card.


Surely this is the ultimate Get Well Soon card.  When we found this poem, we all loved it.  I won’t say that we exactly started hoping someone would fall ill so that we could send it to them, but…


One of the hardest things about being ill is that it makes one feel so miserable – so this card will, we hope, serve to remind people who have taken to their beds that if they are still able to laugh or raise a weak smile, then all is not lost.  And we hope the lovely illustrations by Amy Blackwell, complete with cats, blankets and boxes of tissues, will add a colourful splash of brightness to the dreariness of illness.


Free postage in the UK.

  • The words inside...

    Ode to a Sneeze


    I sneezed a sneeze into the air,

    It feel to earth I know not where,

    But hard and froze were the looks of those

    In whose vicinity I snoze.



  • Some small details about this card

    Small letter stamp in UK. 

    Hand-embossed envelope. 

    Card, envelope and sleeve can be recycled. 

    Card sourced from paper mill in the Lake District, UK.